October 26-27, 2017 | Charleston, SC

October 26-27, 2017

Where design and creativity meets marketing and strategy

The Design & User Experience Sessions

The Design & User Experience Sessions

Creatives and User Experience Practitioners of all stripes, Revolve 2017 kicks off in two short weeks, and we want to get you acquainted with what’s being offered in our Design and User Experience track.

If you’re a web or graphic designer, illustrator, or user interface/experience strategist, it stands to reason that you strive to be the best at what you do.  Its not just a matter of personal and professional pride, its a matter of embracing and contributing to the prestige of your discipline.  As such, you need to be ‘in the know’ about what trends, changes and enhancements are swirling in the community. Revolve is curated to expose you to said knowledge, in a short amount of time.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to soak up relevant career enriching content. Here’s a look at our 2017 Design & User Experience sessions; and Keynote talks on each day, complete with speaker and session information.

Thursday 26 October

Time Design & Creativity
7:45 amRegistration / Check-in / Light Breakfast
8:30 amMorning Kick-Off
9:00 amStop Generating Leads, Start Driving Demand for Anything You’ll Ever Sell Caroline Nuttall
9:45 amBreak (Mingle and Transition)
10:00 amDiscussing Design: Improving Communication and Collaboration Through Critique Adam Connor
10:45 amBreak (Mingle and Transition)
11:00 amHarvest User Insights from Real Users in the Real World Darren Kall
12:00 pmLunch (Provided) & Personal Makeover Reveal
12:30 pmLunch (Provided)
2:00 pmBreak (Mingle and Transition)
2:15 pmDesign for Social Change Jamal Collins
3:00 pmBreak (Mingle and Transition)
3:15 pmHow to Show Your Design Process in Your Portfolio Jason Fox
4:00 pmBreak (Mingle and Transition)
4:15 pmHow to Increase Sales by Just Being You Ben Fanning
5:00 pmMid-Event Happy Hour(s)

Friday 27 October

Time Design & Creativity
7:45 amRegistration / Check-in / Light Breakfast
8:30 amCracking the Code: The Art of Making Meaningful Connections Ilise Benun
9:15 amBreak (Mingle and Transition)
9:30 amApproaching Design with Accessibility in Mind Reginé Gilbert
10:15 amBreak (Mingle and Transition)
10:30 amType: More Than Just Pretty Faces Dan Rhatigan
11:15 amBreak (Mingle and Transition)
11:30 amShould Designers…? Dan Mall
12:15 pmLunch (Provided)
1:15 pmSpeak To Be Heard: Communicating Your Best Ideas Eleanor Handley
2:00 pmHow To Cheat: Creative Domination Through Villainy Stefan Mumaw
2:45 pmClosing Remarks

About the Event

Revolve Conference embraces, promotes and fosters the interdependence between Experience Design, Strategy, and Marketing disciplines. The event will feature innovative designers, creative thinkers, savvy marketing technologists and top-notch business strategists who will inspire you to do great work, move your ideas from concept to execution, and perhaps change your perspective on how you position your brand.

Moreover, Revolve delivers timely, relevant content, and provides opportunities for you to make connections that you’d deem valuable, both personally and professionally.

Decisions, decisions …

Still on the fence? Here’s why you should attend Revolve Conference 2017.

Need to Convince Your Boss? We’ve summarized an action plan for you to follow, complete with talking points and a sample letter (PDF) you can use to initiate your request.